Natalie 3/11/2021

Being a single female, I’m usually a little skeptical about needing my car fixed, as I’m typically told something vague and handed a bill. Took my ’05 Buick in with the dreaded check engine light (which I admit I’d been running around w it on) but it was starting to ride rough. Andrew was able to diagnose the car pretty quickly. Turned out to be my catalytic converter (which is a pretty major part). Everything was super transparent from the beginning, as they not only told me what was up with the car, but why it was running the way it was and how it could be fixed. David called around to get the best price on the part, and they had it ready to go the next morning. The waiting room is super chic (very comfy couches too). These guys make it super easy for a woman to feel safe while getting her car fixed. Go see Chris and David and they’ll take care of you. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Taylee 3/26/2021

Herchanics was amazing! They were able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. We brought our car in on Friday and not knowing what was wrong with the car. By later that afternoon we had an estimate and guy the helping us was amazing and told us he was working on getting us parts for cheaper. Which he did!! Then had all brakes, tie rods, new tire, new battery, a new PIN for the wheel and some other things all done and ready for us by mid Monday. They even stayed open late for us to come and get the car. They cleaned the car for us and gave it a wash down! The car never looks so good. (We play beach volleyball and there was a lot of sand in the car.) Great people to work with and will definitely be back!